Non Clinical Doctors

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Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine:

Every physician can achieve career satisfaction. Today's doctors need to understand the wide array of professional opportunities. Medical training and career guidance are traditionally focused on preparing doctors for clinical practice. Physicians often do not know enough about non-clinical options and do not receive enough guidance in finding non-patient care jobs. If you want to find a non-clinical position, you need to learn how to make your search effective. 

Do all doctors have the same priorities? What would you rather do? 


*See 3 patients in the office or give a talk to your professional peers about health care quality metrics?


*See inpatient consults all day or research health care investment opportunities? 


*Design a surgical simulation educational program or perform surgery on a trauma patient? 


*Travel to an underserved region to provide hands-on medical care or work on a committee that allots money to underserved populations? 


*Have a patient stop you while you are out running errands and thank you for how much you helped him 2 years ago or earn $200 doing a marketing survey on your smart phone?

Your answers are not the same as everybody else's answers. Discover your personal objectives as a doctor, and learn how to make your dreams a reality.