Non Clinical Doctors

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Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine:

        Every physician can achieve career satisfaction. Modern physicians need to thoroughly understand the wide array of professional options available. Medical education, training and career guidance are traditionally focused on placing doctors in clinical practice positions. Physicians who are interested in pursuing non-clinical careers often do not know of the available options and do not have any formal guidance along that path.  If you want to find non-clinical work, you can find the right fit with the right tools. 

Do all doctors have the same priorities? What would you rather do? 


See patients for 2 hours or go to a hospital committee meeting for 2 hours?


See a patient for a hospital consult or work on setting criteria for hospital consultation payments? 


See 3 straightforward patient visits or give a talk in front of an audience of 200? 


See one complicated patient in an office visit or design a surgical simulation educational program? 


Have a patient stop you while you are out running errands and thank you for how much you helped him 2 years ago or earn $200 doing a marketing survey on your smart phone?

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